Cool Stuff #TvsZ Players Made

#TvsZ 6.0 is in its final hours, but I can’t help stepping away just to record a few–sadly few!–of the many amazing media artifacts that players have created in the past few days. Here’s a sample, and there’s much much more. What a wealth of imagination, creativity, collective learning to use new tools, networked knowhow, and sheer fun! Enjoy.

Here’s an amazing visualization of the #TvsZ interconnections, via TagsExplorer:

A metaphor to bring all teams together:

 A flipbook to gather team #dragonboVine’s cartoons:

A flipbook to gather the missions and artifacts players created:

A team manifesto made by #teamtech:

A #danceparty video (shared, not made, but still cool):

A #teamdragonbovine cartoon #myth:

The #TvsZ website:

Welcome to #TvsZ 8.0

#TvsZ Scoreboard:

One of the development documents we used to build the game:

And here’s a quick, informal post-play discussion among the leaders for #TvsZ 6.0:

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