Piloting Whittier.Domains

As of the end of August, 2015, DigLibArts is now offering self-hosting to our students, faculty, and campus academic organizations through Jim Groom and Tim Owen’s amazing Reclaim Hosting service. We are piloting the project Fall 2015 and hope to roll it out either Spring 2016 or Fall 2016 to the wider campus community.... Read More | Share it now!

“Salt of the Earth”, Salgado, Bare Life, and Spectacle: A few thoughts

Went to see “The Salt of the Earth” last night, and I’m haunted today by Salgado’s devastating images of labor, of suffering, of “bare life” in Rwanda and Congo and the former Yugoslavia. Don’t miss this film. Though flawed (wish it had explored the ethics of such witnessing of horror) it is incredibly powerful–made more so by a large screen.... Read More | Share it now!

How do I keep the research/conversations going during the semester?

This is a perennial question for me, and one I have never “solved” adequately. Some semesters I get more of my own research done than others, but I always find that I feel unsatisfied with my ability to remainĀ connected to my larger academic discourse community during the semester.... Read More | Share it now!