Whittier Scholars Photo Contest

Patrick Kellycooper ’16, Best Senior Symposia at the WSP dinner. Pic: @profrehn

I’m excited that the Whittier Scholars Program here at Whittier College has just launched the beta version (or maybe alpha…) of our new ePortfolio system! This digital hub for Whittier Scholars will be rolled out over the next two years.

Currently, the site is only accessible to students enrolled in the second course in the Whittier Scholars program, WSP 201*, but it will be going public once it is more fully designed.

What’s your favorite “Scholar’s Moment”? Do you have a photograph of it?

That’s where you all come in. What started as a friendly rivalry between Andrea Rehn and Lia Kozatch ’08 is now open to all. Last year, Lia and I would each take pictures from and around Wardman Hall (often at sunset) and post them to the Facebook group. Then we started competing for the best image…and so this idea was born.

We are having a Photo Contest to shape the new website design!

The contest is open to all current Whittier Scholars and all alumni of the program. The purpose of the contest is to find an image for the header for the new site, Scholars.Domains. We’re looking for your pictures of what the WSP means to you. This could be Wardman Hall (inside or outside), class experiences, events, Senior Symposia, living in the dorm, working on projects, studying abroad, doing internships…any aspect of your experience as a Whittier Scholar that you want to share. Please enter early and often!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Join the Whittier Scholars Facebook group (open to current WSP students and all WSP alumni.)**
  2. Post a photograph of or from Wardman Hall and/or pictures of your favorite “WSP moments.” (If there are people in your photos, please make sure you have their permission to share their images!)
  3. Use the hashtag #WSPerspectives when you post your photo to the Facebook group, so we will know it’s part of the contest***.
  4. There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit. Just please post each on in a separate Facebook post, include the hashtag and the photographer’s name so we can credit them appropriately.
  5. Post by Monday October 31 at midnight.
  6. Once all images are posted, the WSP Council will choose finalists, and repost the finalists to the Facebook group.
  7. ALL MEMBERS of the Facebook group–alumni, faculty, and current student–will be able to vote for their favorites by “liking” the image.
  8. Winners will become part of the Whittier Scholars website, and photo credit will be included for all photos.

*WSP 201, “Designing Your Education,” is a one-unit course in which students develop and share the college curriculum they will pursue while at Whittier. You can read about the WSP’s developmental process for self-designed curriculum at our main website.

**If you are not a Facebook user, you can still compete! Just email your photo to Lia Kozatch, lkozatch@whittier.edu, or to another friend in the program, and ask them to post it for you.

***By sharing these photos, you are giving Whittier College permission to reuse them, and you will receive credit when images are published.

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