#dLRN15: Collaboration as Praxis

In mid-October, I got to attend and present at the awesome #dLRN15 held at Stanford. The conference brought together many friends in the fields of education technology, digital humanities, and academic computing. Some of these are new friends, some long standing, and some friendships existed largely¬†online or via Twitter before the conference. It was a blast to connect with so many people who are engaged with questions similar to my own–and to do so both virtually and in person.

This conference was also another opportunity for @VConnecting to continue developing ways to bridge the the gulph between virtual and physical attendees, and the VConnecting team were seemingly everywhere. It was the most ambitious VConnecting schedule yet, and yielded some fruitful conversations. Check out their blog for archived sessions.

With colleagues Maha Bali and Christina Hendricks, I presented as a part of the “Ethics of Collaboration” stream. We spoke about co-facilitating #TvsZ. Here are our slides.


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