“Inglorious Bloggers” are glorious students

This semester I taught WSP101 a second time. This time, like last time, much of the work students did was public: they blogged on Medium.com, they posted to the class hashtag on Twitter, and we read and commented on each others’ posts as a way toward peer-to-peer learning about both digital writing and about whatever the individual person’s interests might be. Some students chose to write under their own names, some wrote under aliases. All thought carefully about their chosen digital identity for the class. Many tweeted under linked accounts to our class hashtag #wsp15.

What a fun semester! At the end of the semester, students collected their posts into a class journal, and titled it “Inglorious Bloggers.” Some posts were assignments reflecting on our reading (Cathy Davidson, Howard Rheingold, danah boyd all make appearances). Some blogs were topics of their own choosing, which they wrote to┬áteach the rest of the class about their interests. And some blogs tell of the personal triumphs and challenges that some of them faced during the semester.

Here, in their own words, are the 2015 WSP Inglorious Bloggers:


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